Thu, Nov 7, 2013

Using Git to update YouTrack via TeamCity

This post is mainly a reminder for me as I keep forgetting the command in Git to integrate commits to YouTrack items.

YouTrack uses TeamCity to get the information about the commits and then scans the commit comment for a YouTrack item id and any commands that it can apply such as item status or time spent on said item.

There is some documentation here but its not the greatest in terms of clarity and I’ve spoken to Hadi Hariri from JetBrains about improving this so hopefully they’re working on it.

Anyhow here’s some example Git commands to wire it all up

git commit -am "I fixed a massive bug #PROJ-158 Complete"
git commit -am "I fixed a massive bug #PROJ-158 Complete add work 1h"

The first command will update the status of YouTrack item #PROJ-158 to Complete. The second item will do the same but also add Time Tracking information to the item in YouTrack.

Hope that helps, Happy Coding!

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