Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Feature Management in F#/Giraffe/ASP.NET Core

Following on from Joe’s post I thought I’d see how one would do this in F# and Giraffe because why not? Turns out its quite simple. First, create a features.json file:

    "FeatureManagement": {
        "customGreeting": false

Then you can create your app and if you want to put it all in one file then you can copy/paste this:

open System
open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Builder
open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting
open Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http
open Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration
open Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
open Giraffe
open Microsoft.FeatureManagement
open FSharp.Control.Tasks.V2.ContextInsensitive

let getFeatureResponse =
    fun (_: HttpFunc) (ctx: HttpContext) ->
        let featureManager = ctx.GetService<IFeatureManager>()
        task {
            let! enabled = featureManager.IsEnabledAsync("customGreeting")
            match enabled with
            | true -> return! ctx.WriteTextAsync "Hello Jonathan, how are you?"
            | false -> return! ctx.WriteTextAsync "Hello, how are you?"

let webApp: HttpHandler =
        [ route "/" >=> (text "Welcome to my API")
          subRoute "/features" (choose [ route "" >=> choose [ GET >=> getFeatureResponse ] ]) ]

let configureApp (app: IApplicationBuilder) =

let configureServices (services: IServiceCollection) =
    services.AddGiraffe().AddFeatureManagement() |> ignore

let main _ =
    let configuration = ConfigurationBuilder().AddJsonFile("features.json").Build()
        .Configure(Action<IApplicationBuilder> configureApp)

Start your console app and issue a request to http://localhost:5000/features and you should get a different response based on your boolean value you set in features.json


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